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Yellow Groove Bamboo (Phyllostachys Aureosulcata)

Expected Height:   35 feet    Cane Diameter: 2.5" inches

Hardiness: -10°                       USDA zones: 5 through 10

A fast and reliable grower in almost any climate and our Best Seller.

A hardy bamboo that has a yellow strip on a dark green culm. This is one of the hardiest bamboos. It is rigidly upright, which makes it good to plant near a walk or driveway to create an evergreen screen for privacy. One of about 10 canes has abrupt zig-zags in lower portion. Culms may turn golden yellow if in direct sun.

We can harvest any height range and mix you request, for example:

* bushy 6-10 footers for "eyelevel privacy";

* 20-footers with bold "architectural" canes and "2nd story privacy" foliage

* 35' tall "jumbos" featuring 1.5" to 2.5" diameter canes and "3rd story privacy" foliage;

* or we can mix heights for hedge privacy from eyelevel to 3rd story. 

Minimum Order 125 canes.

PLEASE NOTE: Plants in 20' range require special equipment for harvesting & handling and also

require flatbed truck for shipping; Please call for pricing: 856-204-2037.